It's impossible to capture all the inspiring and practical contents that I received from the insightful sessions of Coach Soo.
I will attempt to highlight a portion of those invaluable elements nevertheless:

・Achieving financial liberty should be driven by good inner motivation

・The chosen business field for a start up should be compatible with the founder's background or his/her given circumstances

・Generating profits by solving existing problems through entrepreneurship start up.

・Ideally, the solutions to the targeted problems are scalable, and pricing should commensurate with the purchasing power of purchasers.

・The solution must be realistic and practical for implementation, not just “a cool idea”.
Technology has become an integral part to all solutions.

・The team who creates and delivers the solutions must be collectively committed to the shared mission.

・Business model must have clarity in order to facilitate consistency in implementation.
Good plans must be followed by speedy and sound execution.

・Understanding of the market and its associated value chains is essential for the chosen positioning.

Favorable outcomes can be accomplished through making the relevant decisions. However,the first step is acknowledging the need for mental transformation to over come our inadvertently conditioned mindset. A larger part of Coach Soo’s sessions was dedicated to this effort.