With near constant and fast-moving career challenges, effective PERSONAL risk management is crucial. To navigate under such condition, expecting — and planning for — the unexpected could be the differentiator that separates consistent achievers from the rest. Many people are dissatisfied with their present role but unaware about an alternative. A career change may be the cure for dissatisfaction, but it can also be a source of uncertainty and paralysis. 

Research findings concluded that people who decided to make a major change were significantly happier a year later than those who decided against the change.

Most people caution about the costs of change; only the wisest would warn you of the bigger costs of NOT changing. Change creates new possibilities.

In this fast-evolving work environment, employers are not motivated to cater to employees’ long-term career needs, and employees are not incentivized to be passionate about their employers. A contractual relationship of mutual respect and clearly defined obligations is the prevailing trend.


The “status quo bias” almost always pushes us towards PRESERVING when we should be DISCARDING. It is a tendency to reaffirm earlier decisions and PASSIVELY clinging to the existing path we are on rather than ACTIVELY embarking on something different that generates new possibilities. 

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