Our accumulated knowledge is always about the past. If there is no freedom from the past knowledge, we are always constrained by the past — always confined to a particular patterns. Knowledge is not absolute fact, rather, it is means to an end. It is, therefore, essential to see holistically and gain insight to the whole movement of knowledge.


Letting-Go is like having no preconceptions; similar to a complete immersion into the unknown. It is an unreserved opening of the mind to whatever it may turn out to be. Our body of accumulated knowledge or belief, well, is what fits in with our preconceived ideas or conditioning. Letting-Go will naturally enable us to diverge from constraining framework and migrating toward liberating mindset — a dynamic way of progressing in life frictionlessly!



Our lifetime accomplishments will be severely constrained if we do not embrace the art of Letting-Go. To be free from the constraints, and to multiply the impact of our actions, we need to acknowledge, and unleash the power of Letting-Go.


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and technological innovation have commoditized information. The key skill of the future is, well, not quite a skill; it’s an approach, and way of thinking.


Mastering the process of Letting-Go will invariably enhance our ability:


To familiarize with other cultures

Cultural competence is one of the most critical and overlooked skills. People with cultural agility and the ability to adapt will find scores of opportunities.


To engage and leverage diversity

Working with people from different countries, and generations, makes it imperative to understand and manage diversity. Different people naturally have different views, motivations and communication styles.  Competent people are able to leverage diversity to gain further personal competitive advantage.


To interact effectively with people

Automation resulting from the widespread application of artificial intelligence is taking over from us more extensively, but humans bring unique value to the equation with their ability to socialize and network. The key element of financial success is due to human skills: responsive personality; and ability to listen and communicate, negotiate, and lead.


To listen and interpret impartially

Merely having the ability to share knowledge won’t help in the fast-transforming digitalized workplace. Effective individuals are those who listen well. This skill is extremely important and involves paying attention, reserving judgment, clarifying, reflecting, and sharing — a constantly neutralizing mindset.


To keep discovering and reinventing

It’s not enough to recycle knowledge at work as knowledge is — by definition past-and limited; it’s important to keep learning so that people can keep pace with the shifting job markets. Organizations value people who are flexible and open to learning something new as they are better at meeting challenges and assimilating new concepts. With the workplace changing at a rapid pace, it’s important to adapt and reinvent in order to stay relevant.


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