To date, everyone who completed our customized intensive programs for professionals, homemakers, and entrepreneurs continues with our exclusive weekly life coaching programs — AAA: Activation, Adaptability, Agility — because they categorically realized that ongoing mind nourishment is vital for sustained progress in their respective endeavors. 


Holistic wellbeing is the bedrock of AAA. Distinctively, work-life integration, not work-life balance is emphasized for the professionals. In this digitalization era, for things to remain the same everything must change. Hence, adaptability and agility, not merely reliance on past experience and accumulated knowledge, is inculcated throughout the engagement.


As for homemakers, the central theme is that all excellence begins at home. It is the constant flow of impressionable actions, not conventional approach to teachings, that can effectively bring about competitive vantages in children. The process for GOE: Generational Orbit Extension, is one of the key elements of the program.


Some of our clients started their companies with the business models developed during their participation in the AAA programs. Our routine guidance is a feature in ongoing engagement with Vantage Academy.